* Preparation of monthly and year end financial statements

* Preparation of supporting financial reports including detailed general ledger, cash receipts and disbursements registers

* Maintaining and updating detailed accounts receivable reports including aging reports

* Maintenance of association bank account

* Preparation of monthly bank reconciliation

* Preparation of annual budget under guidance of the board

* Preparation and approval of disbursements in accordance with the terms of approved vendor contracts or as authorized by the budget or Board

Tax and Association Reporting Requirements:

* Preparation of IRS Form 1099 for vendor payments

* Coordination of the preparation and filing of Federal tax returns

* Coordination of the preparation and filing of State tax returns

* Preparation and filing of Annual Report required by the Hawaii Department of State

* Coordination and oversight of financial audits or reviews by independent CPA if required by statue or requested by the Board


* Maintaining assessment rolls including coordination of closing information with the title companies

* Coordination of the preparation and distribution of assessment coupon books to each association member

* Collection and deposit of assessments into association bank account insured by the FDIC

* Preparation and processing of past due notices, intent to lien notices and liens in accordance with the policies of the association

Association Governance:

* Prepare monthly Management Reports for the President of the Association summarizing significant events and actions for the period

* Property manager will attend Board of Directors meetings, special meetings or annual meetings at request of the board

* Advise Board of items that may be appropriate for meeting agenda

* Arrange for transcription of minutes upon request of the Board

* Prepare and mail proper notice for annual and special meeting

* Facilitate communications between the members and the Board

Maintenance of Association Records:

We serve as custodian of official records and files of the Association including;

* Minutes of Board meetings, special meetings and annual meetings

* Annual and special meeting attendance records

* Accounting records including cash receipt and disbursement records

* Federal and State tax returns and other tax related records

* Annual corporate filings

* Insurance records

General Benefits:

* Full accrual and cash accounting services

* Bank integration with ACH and Lockbox

* Huakai Advanced Portal System, "HAPS"

* Pay Maintenance Fees online

* Certified Reserve Studies

Cost Effective Solutions:

* Paperless document management

* Web access for homeowners and board members

* Communication histories with board, owners and vendors

* Data import services for faster conversions

* Safely view account balance, charges and payments

* 24 hour online account access

*Perform inspections of the associations' common areas and facilities, and monitor their condition and maintenance needs. 

*Assists the association in locating and contracting with the best maintenance providers available, taking full advantage of our knowledge and relationships developed through our experiences with other associations. 

*Assist in securing competitive bids on services and products for the association to obtain the highest quality and value. 

*Coordinate and monitor the activity and performance of maintenance providers.  Confirm that maintenance providers are properly insured.

*Perform inspections of the physical appearance and condition of the member properties to assess compliance with the covenants, restrictions, and by-laws of the association. 

*Follow up on complaints of violations or maintenance issues received from association members or the Board.

*Issue violation notices and take other appropriate action necessary to resolve a violation in accordance with the association documents and instructions of the board.

*Process Architectural Review Board applications.

*Provide assistance in obtaining property and liability insurance for the association.

*Provide assistance in reporting and filing of insurance claims on behalf of the association.